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Investing in your business’s branding is a crucial step towards connecting with your ideal customers and achieving your goals. At persuna studio, we understand the significance of branding, from visual identity to communication, storytelling, and evoking emotions. Our aim is to help you build the business of your dreams while incorporating a strategic approach to fulfill your vision.

With our expertise, you can expect a collaborative journey that combines strategy and design to transform your business into a brand that resonates with your target audience. Let us guide you towards success and help you achieve your goals through the power of branding.

For detailed pricing information, we kindly ask you to complete our application form available here. Upon receiving your submission, we will promptly prepare a personalized proposal exclusively designed for you.

01. Essence

Creative Direction
Strategic Questionnaire
Logo Suite
Color pallete idea
Rounds of Revisions 1

Timeline: 1 Weeks
Investment starts from: Investment starts from: €746 2 payments of €376

02. Prestige

Branding Questionnaire
Creative Direction
Basic Brand Research
Logo Suite (Primary, Secondary)
Business card design
Color pallete idea
Mood board (Bnspiration Board)
2 Options to Choose
1 Rounds of Revisions
Brand Guidelines

Timeline: 3 – 4 Weeks
Investment starts from: Investment starts from: €1696 2 payments of €848

03 Signature

Brand Strategy
Branding Questionnaire
Creative Direction
Basic Brand Research
Visual Brand identity design
Logo Suite (Primary, Secondary)
Business card, Additional Services
Color pallete idea
Instagram Kit / Includes: 9x posts Template / 3x Story/ Templates/ 3x Highlight Cover Templates Highlight Templates)
Mood board (Bnspiration Board)
2 Options to Choose
2 Rounds of Revisions
Brand Guidelines

Timeline: 5 – 6 Weeks
Investment starts from: €2496 2 payments of €1248

04 Instagram Kit

Creative Direction
photo retouching in a single style
selection of photos from photo stocks (if your own is not enough)
15 posts template
10 Story template
5 Highlight template
Mood board (Bnspiration Board)
1 Options to Choose
1 Rounds of Revisions

Timeline: 2 – 3 Weeks
Investment starts from:  €696 2 payments of €348

05 Collateral/Packaging Design

Packaging design
Business cards
Thank you cards
Gift vouchers
Swing tags
Catalog / brochure design

Please get in touch for a quote if you’d like to access any of these add-on services or if you have an enquiry about something that’s not listed.

06 Insightful Brand Assessments


Perhaps a comprehensive rebranding isn’t on your agenda at the moment, but you’re interested in receiving expert, practical advice on your brand, website, marketing strategies, assets, and operations. Schedule a Brand Assessment session with us, and we’ll conduct an in-depth evaluation of your existing brand identity, offering actionable recommendations that you can implement in your business journey.

01- Client Questionnaire
02- 60 minute 1:1 Call
03- Presentation with feedback and actionable advice & tips

Timeline: 1 – 2 Weeks
Investment starts from:  246 €

Our Process

Your brand’s potential is a vast, uncharted sea. At Persuna Studio, we’re not mapmakers, we’re your expert navigators. We embark on this brand odyssey with you, a voyage of discovery to unearth your “why.”

Together, we’ll chart a course fueled by your values, goals, and the captivating story waiting to be told. We’ll identify the constellations that guide you – your ideal clients. With a clear view of the horizon, we’ll craft your brand’s compass: a visual identity rich with symbolism.

Imagine colors that paint a vibrant picture of your essence, typography that speaks volumes about your values, and imagery that captures the hearts of your dream audience. Every step is a carefully chosen current, propelling your brand towards a destination of connection and growth.

Join us on this brand odyssey, a journey that will not only make you stand out but forge a meaningful path towards a thriving brand.

01. Essence

We begin with a branding questionnaire. We listen not just to your words, but the melody behind them – your dreams, your values, the emotional essence that fuels your brand.

02. Discovery

Together, we embark on a voyage of discovery. We’ll unearth the buried treasure of your brand’s core: its target audience, its aspirations, its unwavering spirit. This becomes our compass, guiding the creation of a brand strategy – not just a plan, but a riveting narrative that captures the very essence of your business.

03. Design

Now, the real magic begins. We embark on a creative odyssey, sketching the initial brushstrokes of your brand’s personality. We refine, we evolve, ensuring every element – color, typography, every meticulously chosen detail – resonates perfectly with your brand’s heartbeat.

04. Launch

We celebrate the birth of your brand! This isn’t just a launch, it’s a crescendo. You’ll present your brand to the world, a captivating force ready to ignite connections and propel your business to new heights.


Branding is one of the most important parts of your business as it’s the overall impression of who you are and more than just a pretty logo. It’s worth investing because a strong brand with a strategy behind it, builds creditability with a consistency in your brand, forms the solid groundwork for your business and connects with your dream customer that sees you as a serious business. This takes a lot of research and time.

Yes, We are an international design studio, the title “Distance” is meaningless for Persuna Studio because we have clients from all over the world and enjoy working with them, We have had clients all over the world, we mainly work with clients in the US and Italy, united kingdom, Spain, France, Emirates, Canada , so we are used to working between the different time zones.

We have a few different payment options depending on what works best for your needs, a non-refundable 50% deposit will be due in order to secure your start date. The remaining balance will be due prior to the handoff of the final deliverables.