"Our personal concern is to portray your dream"


belonging to or affecting a particular person rather than anyone else.


the star round which the earth orbits.


of or relating to ancient and recent Persia, its people, or their language.

We are an international design studio with a young and creative team, Persuna Studio was founded in 2015 with an emphasis on graphic design and has since expanded to become a branding studio. The title “Distance” is meaningless for Persuna Studio because we have clients from all over the world and enjoy working with them. Our concern is to adapt customer needs to international design standards, and we deliver powerful visual messages based on aesthetic principles.

01 Discovery

Before we embark on design, we ask you a series of clarifying questions to help us dig deeper into the heart of your dreams and vision for your brand’s visual identity. This stage builds the strong foundation we need to create a brand that properly appeals to your audience and expresses your vision.

02 Design

After we solidify your brand’s visual direction, we begin design—this is the part where we really get to make magic with the foundations we laid. We explore everything from logos, to icons, to font systems here. We go through multiple iterations to review and refine concepts.

03 Delivery

Once you have approved the designs, the files will be then provided. You will also get support and guidance when it comes to using the files correctly.

Our Services

Brand Strategy | Graphic design | Art direction | Strategic Advice | Brand identity Design

Creative Research | Social Media | Web Design | Motion design | Packaging design | Copywriting